View the paintings of New Zealand Artist Tanya Paton - rich, colourful canvas's with an Asian/Pacific feel.
Portraits, Abstract landscape & figurative works. Paton used her own personal symbology to express her
response to lifes journey.

Strongly influenced by, and highly sensitive to the ' aura' of my surroundings, I find my work reflects not only my
mood and inner life - but also the physical environment I find myself in.
In the last 14 years I have lived in 4 countries - New Zealand, Australia, Fiji and Bali, and I find touches of this
blending of cultures, which I call Oceania, present in my work.

I now move between my two studios, one in the beautiful Coromandel in New Zealand and the other in Bali, Indonesia.

In Bali I live a very simplistic life. Being free of most economic, domestic and social responsibilities, I move into
a less dense realm of being, this lightness shifts my perception of reality and gives me access to the wordless
emotional dimension where I gather visions, urges and inspiration.

About Tanya Paton

Born in New Plymouth, New Zealand.

Tanya has been exhibiting her work in galleries in New Zealand and Australia since 1998.
She attended art school full time at Wellington’s T.L.C. Art school, Graduating (Honours) in 2001

Work has been sold to collectors in New Zealand, Australia,USA, Italy, Germany, England, Fiji and Bali.

Since 2005 Tanya has been based in Bali where she does most of her painting.

Every December and January Tanya returns to New Zealand to exhibit her new work at her NZ studio in Pauanui, Coromandel.  Click here for dates and address.

Working mostly in acrylics her work is rich in colour and texture. Layer upon layer of paint is used achieving a luminous quality.
Tanya likes to alternate between styles - her abstract landscapes “contemplations of light and impermanence” and her figurative work “stories from inner space ” And more recently, her portraits. She uses a spontaneous, intuitive approach she allows symbolic imagery to emerge organically on the canvas revealing her inner states of being and emotional response to the current environment.


2013 Summer Open studio, Pauanui, New Zealand

2013 Pauanui Art Expo, Pauanui, New Zealand

2012 Baradene 2012 Exhibition ( Group exhibition) Auckland, NZ

2012 Summer Open art Studio, Pauanui, New Zealand

2012 Pauanui Art Expo (Group exhibition) Pauanui, New Zealand

2011 Baradene 2011 Exhibition ( Group exhibition ) Auckland, NZ

2011 Summer Open Art Studio Pauanui, New Zealand

2011 Pauanui Art Expo (Group Exhibition) Pauanui, New Zealand

2010 Summer Open Art studio Pauanui, New Zealand

2009 Victoria Ave art show, Remuera, Auckland, New Zealand

2009 Pauanui Easter art show ( group exhibition) Pauanui, NZ

2008 New works Open Studio exhibition, Pauanui, New Zealand

2007 Pauanui Summer Art Show (group exhibition) Pauanui, NZ

2006 Art for Art (group exhibition) St Augustine’s, NSW, Aust

2005 Open Studio exhibition Avalon, NSW, Australia

2004 Warringah Art exhibition (group exhibition) Manly,  Australia

2004 Sydney Affordable Art Show (group exhibition) Sydney,  Aust

2003 New Works Art Of This World Gallery, Devonport, Akl, NZ

2003 Art not War (group) Sheoak Gallery, Fingal Head,  Aust

2002 Rock and Fire Art Studio Gallery, Mt Maunganui, NZ

2001 Enter…Reality (group exhibition) Wellington, New Zealand

2001 Watermarks Si Salon and Gallery, Wellington,New Zealand

2001 Earthworks Woodhouse Hill Gallery, Wellington, NZ

2001 Telecom Phone book finalists exhibition, Tauranga, NZ

2001 Graduation exhibition (group exhibition) TLC, Wellington, NZ

2000 Mercer 5 Gallery (group exhibition) Wellington, New Zealand

2000 Figures from the unconscious mind Brio Café, Wellington, NZ

2000 Telecom Phone book finalists exhibition, Tauranga, NZ

1998 Portraits Zucchini Café, Mt Maunganui, New Zealand

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